Igala UK Bursary Award
The fund involves a one-off financial assistance to underprivileged students.
Since its launch in 2008, over 300 students have applied with more than 50 igala boys and girls receiving this award. The strategic direction for this award is that Igala UK will request feedback from the respective Principals and students that show continual progress academically may be considered for further support.

Igala UK Undergraduate Price/Award
The premise for this award is to encourage the study of science and technology. The award goes to the best overall Igala students graduating from KSU in science & technology.  Igala UK awarded its first ever prize to Mr Aliyu Monday who graduated with 1st Class (Hons) in Political Science.
Best overall Igala female graduating Igala lady from KSU in any field. We acknowledge the disparity between the sexes in terms of education and this is our little contribution to bridge the gap that exists. We awarded this prize to Miss Jumayi Attah who graduated with a Second class (Hons) in Microbiology.

Book Donations
Igala UK has donated books to Kogi State University Anyigba on two occasions.  The total volume is about 9,000 books and journals. We have received formal request from Kogi State Polytechnics, Lokoja for books assistance. We would like to thank Portsmouth University for kindly donating most of the books to Igala UK.

Idachaba Educational Foundation
We have continued to be part of this foundation.  In 2008, Igala UK donated one hundred thousand (N100,000) naira only while the same amount was donated  in 2009.

Sponsor a Child Initiative
This initiative allows members to support and sponsor any Igala child of their choice through Igala UK.  For example, Mr Abdulmalik Mohammed has lodged the sum of £600 with Igala UK to this effect.  He will supply Igala UK with the details of the child/students as soon as they are available.  Igala UK (through Dr Onuh’s family) has also donated books to Ife Community Secondary School, Abejukolo-Ife and Iyaji Commercial Secondary School abejukolo-Ife through the sponsor a child initiative. We thank them and others for their contribution.

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