More about the organisation

Igala UK is a Charity organisation with a vision of forging unity amongst all Igala sons and daughters in the UK, focusing on extending a helping hand towards poverty alleviation in Igalaland, Kogi state – Nigeria.
Ever since its’ launch in 1999, the charity has contributed towards the wellbeing of our people in the areas of Education, Health, Information Technology, etc. and we hope to continue to do so for many more years to come
”. (Chairman)

The focus on quality and affordable education for young people in Igalaland is at the heart of the Charity, and with good reason: National data confirms that the number of Igala students graduating from secondary school with the relevant qualifications is well below the national average, especially in areas such as NECO, WASC etc. Igala UK believes that the system that once produced top Igala professionals can be revived and excel if given the correct support and resources.

Hence, we have partnered with various institutions in Igalaland including the State Government to provide, over nine thousand volumes of academic books to Kogi State University and Polytechnic. We have also provided computers and health equipment to other organisations and have launched a number of Bursary Award schemes to school children. Igala UK has also presented stationary materials for 1000 students to Iffe Community Secondary School and stationary materials for 600 students to Iyaji Commercial Secondary school Abejukolo Iffe