Igala UK was born out of a desire for Igalas within the UK to make a positive impact as other Nigerian ethnic groups in the UK.

Igala UK became a registered charity in the UK in August 2001 with the objective of “the relief of poverty and sickness and the advancement of education amongst the people of Igala land”.

Prior to that Igala sons and daughters in the UK had from the early 90’s started to actively keep in touch with each other. This was usually through christenings, birthday celebrations and the occasional weddings. There was a build up of Igalas in the UK and in particular in the London area from the mid 90’s. It was at a Christening ceremony at one of the pioneering member’s house that it was suggested that a formal association of Igalas in the UK was needed as other Nigerian ethnic groups in the UK had started formal associations and were using this to good effect.

Alewo Ogu. Paul Attah and Godwin Ebenehi became Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer respectively, following a meeting in September 1999, where the decision was made to form an Igala association in the UK.

We have grown from strength to strength with increased support from members and sponsors as we strive to continue the work of our founding members to make their vision a reality.