Letter of Acceptance from the new Igala UK Chairman

by anibe | Monday, April 11th, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters


I address us today for the first time since my election as the Chairman IgalaUK, I apologise for the time it has taken to accept this responsibility and contact you. I am both surprised and excited that our people elected me to serve as chairman alongside a wonderful executive.

It’s with great humility and gratitude that I salute the outgoing exco for their hard-work and sacrifice over the years. Mr Chairman (Godwin Agbo) your time in office was extremely difficult due to various issues and the dynamics of leadership. However, you and your team have ensured that our beloved association was not driven aground, for your relentless effort and courage I salute you. I will also like to appreciate all and sundry (Entire Igala UK members) for our persistence and resolve in seeking the best for our fatherland, as many of us are aware this resolve has led to several uneasiness in many quarters. May I also thank the caretaker committee for the enormous work done within a very short time, especially the successful celebration of Igaladay 2015.

Today after due consultation with my beloved wife, meeting with the current executives I accept the responsibility bestowed on me and promise to serve with openness, integrity and honesty.

Our Agenda

1) Scholarship to deserving primary and secondary students
2) Provide books to Kogi state university and other tertiary institution in Igalaland
3) To create an atmosphere of friendship and opportunity for Igala sons and daughters to interact socially and otherwise / support network
4) To hold every year of our administration a Grand Igaladay with the sole purpose of enjoying ourselves and raising money for our vision.

To achieve this, we must all work together with respect and love. I have proposed several avenues to finance the vision to the executives and I will require you help.

I hope you will meet with every success in your praiseworthy endeavours. Your efforts will benefit all

Thank you

May God bless us all

Enejoh John Haruna

Chairman IgalaUK

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